St. Joseph's Matriculation Hr. Sec. School – Acharapakkam


Sports day

Sports day is celebrated once in two years at St. Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School. It is a platform to showcase the talents and efforts put in by the students. Sports event that are conducted here are not only about competitions, it is also about having fun, being physically active, learning the basics of sports and building co-ordination and teamwork and so to give the students an opportunity to display their talents, self-confidence, patience, zeal and sportsmanship.

Our students participate from various houses like Dahlia, Lily, Rose and Sunflower in various field events like 100-meter dash, 4 x 100-meter relay, 1500-meter-long run, long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin throw and pyramid formation. Primary kids participate in their own level of games that make them happier and it gives the audience immense pleasure by watching their cute and innocent activities. Both teaching, non-teaching staff and parents are also given chance to participate in the competition to show their talent and to show that they have good relation with the school.

Students who achieve will be awarded from various categories. The team Jaguars will lift up the champion trophy. At-last based on the points scored on various events, the winning house will be awarded with the trophy.

The sports day fills with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish. Our school Correspondent and Principal appreciates the students for their enthusiastic participation in sports and games. They also appreciate the Hard work of the teachers especially PT Teachers for their wonderful co-ordination for making the sports day event a grand successful one.

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